Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

What Music Means to Me

Childhood: The First song i have choose is Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack I was only about 6 when i heard this song, but i used to like it as me my brother and my dad always used to sing along to it when we drove down to the beach, It reminds me of the Summer. We all knew the lyrics word for word. I Didn't really understand the lyrics it just instantly made me happy when i heard the song, still does now. My dad Now hates the song as me and my brother listened to it so many times.

Early Teens: The second song i have chosen is Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag This song also reminds me of my brother and christmas when My mum first brought us a Cd Player, We listened to this song non stop and It used to make us laugh when he spoke like a girl. It reminds me of my childhood running around and jumping along to this song and American Pie with the main character featured in the video.

Now: The third song I have chosen is Jack Johnson - Better Together, I choose this song as it just instantly makes my day a little better when i hear it. It reminds me of portugal and sitting on the beach with my family and having BBQ's. It reminds me of summer and just life in general, It reminds me of my past and all the good times i've had and the memories I have made, It's just one of those feel good songs.