Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

My Three Song Choices

My First song choice:

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats,
I have chosen this song as i've liked it from a very young age and I think that it would be a good choice to make a music video for. As lip syncing would be straight forward as he sings rather slow and the lyrics are also pretty straight forward. I already have some ideas on what I want to do for the music video. Also I think the lyrics to the song would form a good narrative for a music video. I think it is a classic song and I'd really like to work on it.

My Second Song Choice:

Kerry Anne Leatham - Run Dry,
I have chosen this song as I first heard it in the movie Adulthood, and liked it ever since then. Again it would be easy to lip sync as it has a slow pass to it but I also choose this song as I think the lyrics really tell a story, which could be adapted into a really good music video.

My Third Song Choice: