Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Production Diary

9/09/2011 lesson 1
It was our first week back, but the internet was down so we couldn’t work on our blogs so we watched music videos from 2008 and thought about what was good/bad about them and what we liked. We watched a variation of performance, narrative and concept videos. 
Video 1: performance + narrative
• Lip synching wasn’t perfect
• Story wasn’t original and was quite predictable 
• Not a big variety of shots
• The narrative was clear and flowed though

Video 2: Rule Britannia concept
• Good/varied shots
• Original idea
• Some shots seemed a bit repetitive 

Video 3: She’s hearing voices concept/performance 

• Interesting narrative 
• Unusual/unique shots, a good variation
• Good lip-synching 

Video 4: The Rocket Queens performance + narrative
• Different/interesting locations
• Good, confident performers
• Good timing and shots matched the pace of the music

Video 5: Buffy Brookes performance + narrative 
• Not a vary of shots or locations
• Became quite boring 
• The narrative was clear though

Video 6: Kate Nash concept + performance 
• Original idea 
• Lip-sync was out
• Dragged on a bit though and needed to be cut down