Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Production Diary

Session 4
Today we showed the other group all of our song choices. So far we’ve found it difficult to decide as a group what song would be best, so by the end we should have a final song choice based on what the other group has said.
What the other group said about our song choices...
I blame Coco, ‘Control’
“mental/gradually progresses loosing control”
“twisted, odd, quirky”
 “Black and white? Sunny morning, laidback, positive”

Flamboyant Bella, ‘Crazy Cool’
happy, crazy, colourful”
“balloons, couples dancing, parades”
“Alot of dancing, 1950’s feel, sense of no morals”

Friendly Fires, ‘Blue Cassette’
80’s feel, open in field”
“Coldplay-ish feel”
“massive group of people out together”
“shots of sky, nature shots, band dressed in suits”

Plan B, ‘Spend my money’
old  microphones, on stage performance, lots of shots of band performing”
“black and white, old fashioned”
“old-fashioned bar, smoking and drinking, retro feel”

The Wombats, ‘Backfire at the disco’
fast-paced, clear storyline throughout”
“lighthearted, quirky, funny”
“kids at a disco?”