Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Questionaire Results

Questionnaire results
We gave 25 random people this questionnaire to fill out and comment on what they would like to see in a music video if they had the choice which will take into account when creating our final piece:

The first question we asked was what kind of music video they like Performance, Narrative, Concept or a Combination of them all. From the results we found out 10 people liked to watch narrative music videos with 5 liking a combination of them both. 6 preferred a Performance video and finally 4 liked to see a concept video. We have taken this into account to what we are going to do with our own music video and we want to go with a combination of a narrative video and a performance in some parts of the music video, as it was the most popular from the results.

For the second question we considered what our acoustic music video setting would be like as well as having our own ideas of what we wanted to do, we thought it was a good idea to also ask the audience of our video what they would like to see. From the results we found out that 12 expected a music video to be by the seaside with 3 wanting to see it in an industrial area and another 3 by the city, 7 wanted to see it in the Natural Outdoors. This has helped us to steer our music video from an industrial area, however on contrast we thought it may be a good idea to make our video with the combination of using a city setting and a seaside setting as a contrast between the two.

For our third question we wanted to consider what clothing our artist and actors/actress would be wearing in the shoots. 15 out of the 25 of the people we asked said they would see them in beachwear with 5 with casual clothing and 5 optioning for other and explain that they would like a combination of both beachwear and casual clothing. Obviously with an acoustic video we were not surprised that smart/ office and going out clothes scored 0 as they are not really associated with acoustic music as it is quite relaxed and chilled out.

The fourth Question we asked was much more personal to each questionnaire but from the information we gathered, we found out that most people prefer to see a quarter of screen time on the artist in music videos as they enjoy watching the development of the story.

Again with question five this was much more the individual people we asked own opinions, most of them agreed that the main focus of the music video should be on the artist (17/25) but some a smaller number (8/25) argued that it should be a mixture of the too not just the main focus to be on the artist, which we will take into account when developing out video to not spend a lot of focus on the artist

Question six we wanted to find out what video effects the audience would enjoy seeing in our music video we asked them the following if they’d like the norm colour which won in the polls just with 8 out of 25, we were surprised that 6 out of the 25 would enjoy seeing a combination of them. Which we wanted to do in our music video knowing that the audience would like to see it is also a bonus.