Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Research and Planning

Who will be your target audience?
Our targeted age is actually a wide range as everyone can understand our narrative concept. The music video would appeal to females as they would possibly feel more emotionally attached to the narrative as opposed to a male audience.

What genre of music is your chosen track?
The song can be classed under the genre of easy listening which appeals to a range of ages. Jack Johnson is classed as an acoustic/folk rock artist making mellow, easy listening music. His music is universal as it is tranquil, relaxing and has a feel good vibe.

What conventions does this style of music use in its videos?
They tend to have visuals that are quite simple, which reflects the mood of the song. They tend to lack special effects as they are not needed as it would be abstract and not fit in with the song. After watching videos of this genre we noticed that they were a lot of natural, open settings like a beach, field and ocean. It is ‘back to basics’. They make use of natural lighting and every day clothes.

What type of music video will you film?
We have decided to make a narrative video with a touch of a concept aspect.

Describe the characters in your music video
-There will be an unseen male that will sing the lyrics in an out of role, out of action narration.
-A female and male are the main characters in our music video. As the video progresses the audience see the couple from when they were young till when they are hold. They are very much in love and endearing.
- A variety of couples that are all happy and having fun for the chorus. (Montage)

Where will you film your music video?
There will be a variety of locations according to age.
When they are teenagers: a park and Clacton sea front/beach.
When they are middle-aged: convent garden and the millennium bridge.
When they are old: a living room.
Also we will film in a dark room at the start of the song.
What type of media institution will show your video?
We believe that Q and MTV are likely to be the institution that will show this music video because Q tend to play all genres and so do MTV.

How do media technologies affect the consumption of music videos?
More people watch music videos as they are easy to watch as they can be viewed on TV, computers, Ipods etc because several years ago they could only be viewed via TV.

here is a clip of what the feel of our shots is gonna be like we wanted to use retro clips from past video footage and recycled clips and add them into our scenes for example the beach scene we wanted to put old clips of the pier to make it stand out a bit more and be a little different: (Go 3 minutes in)