Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Production Diary (Southend Shoot)

30/11/2011 - Session 22

Today we had the day off because of the strikes going on across the UK, so we decided to use this as a perfect opportunity to film. We had original planned to go to Clacton to shoot our first verse but due to railway strikes we were unable to get to Clacton so we decided to improvise and we went to Southend-On-Sea instead. The First of the two shoots was the morning shoot on the Pier where me and Georgie had to pretend that we was between the ages of 12-14 years old messing around on the pier playing tag and general mucking around like you would at this age (pretending to rein-act titanic at one point)  we wanted to get across our ages hence why we are dressed up in school uniform to try and get across this, as you can see in the photo below. we used props such as glasses for me and old school blazers. We also used a Polaroid camera as in our storyboard we throw away a polaroid to the sea which we did on the pier. We also got clips of us on the small old fashioned train there and back to give the story a little flow instead of just jumping in at the pier as you can see in the test video i have uploaded below.

Me And Georgie on set in costume 
 Another Problem that we encountered on our shoot was that there was no Tripods left in school that fit our camera so we decided to improvise again as you can see we wrapped the camera with duck tape which I think worked quite well.

Here Is a small Clip of the train journey to the pier which we will be including in the feature music video we gave it a vintage look to it by using an app on my phone iPhone which turned the footage into "Super 8 Camera" looking footage:

For our Second Shoot of the day we needed to look older so me and Georgie dressed in "teenage" looking clothing e.g. skinny jeans, Leggins, Tee's and Hoodies to make us look like 16-17 year olds. We also came up with a good idea to show our transfer from school kid to teenagers like the "john Lewis advert" does instead of going behind a bush we jumped on the train at the pier and at the station we jumped off in our teenager costumes to signify the change. We then moved onto the beach were we shot scenes of me and Georgie sitting side beside on the sand and we also came up with an idea to write in the sand which i think will be effective when we edit it all together. Today has been a good day of shooting and we have accomplished a lot of the scenes we needed to the only draw back from the day i think was the failure of the arcade scene as both adventure island was closed for winter and the arcades that were open would not allow us to film in them but we will get round this some how.