Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Production Diary

Session 17 18/11/2011

Today we went on a media trip to Rich Mix, a multi-media centre, where we had a music video conference. It gave us all an interesting insight into the industry, and we also had the chance to meet Corin Hardy, who is a working music video director. We were all very surprised with all the different videos he had been involved in directing e.g. warrior dance - the prodigy, the horrors - she's is the new thing and even Olly Murs. I think everyone found this really interesting, especially when we pitched our concepts to him about our ideas for the plot of a video we'd just heard the song to. We also met Peter Fisher the head of our exam board who gave us a good idea what to include in our own music video to ensure that we get a top grade and where music videos have come from which i thought was very interesting. We was also introduced to Liz Kessler who was a music video producer for academy films who has commissioned music videos from the likes of Britney spears to home grown talent Wiley.
Then afterwards, we filmed for the first time. We went to Covent Garden’s to film shots of the couple when they are older and I think we got a good minute worth of footage. Most of the shots are of John and Georgie walking hand in hand and just generally walking around.

What we have learnt:
From filming for the first time, we have learnt the difficulties of filming in a public space because people could interrupt shots and get in the way, which was extremely frustrating.

What we'll do differently next time:
Next time, we will be more planned for the day and have everything we need with us on the day i.e storyboards. I think our next day of shooting, our footage will be more useable, and we have better results.

Here are some of the music videos Corin has been involved in:

The Horrors - She Is The New Thing

The Prodigy - Warrior Dance

Here is also a video that Liz Kessler was involved in and helped to produce:

Wiley - Numbers In Action