Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Questionnaire Feedback & Results

This is a Brief summary of what we have found from our audience feedback, each number links to the question in the questionnaire.

1.     From the questionnaire results we discovered that most people thought that the storyline was a love story over time. This is exactly what he wanted from our audience feedback as this is what we was trying to achieve, so we are all glad they understood the story enough.
2.     On average out of 10 our audience feedback have said they believe that it was about an 8 out of 10 this is good as we thought they may not have been able to identify the changes in the characters ages as we were not able to shoot for us to be middle aged but from this feedback it shows that people still knew the clearness of our storyline.
3.     From the feedback we received most of the audience believed the music video to be of a folk genre, with a few believing it to be quite indie. This was not far off as acoustic music is sometimes referred to as folk music in future we would have tried to make it seem more acoustic if we did it again by maybe including the artist playing on the guitar along to the song so people could recognise what genre of music it was more clearly.
4.     All questionnaires believed that the lyrics match the song out of the people we asked, we tried to achieve this in the chorus with the white boards with the couples singing along to the lyrics and also when filming such as the beginning where it states “pictures of people taking pictures of people” where me and Georgie took turns taking photos of each other rein acting the lyrics.
5.     All believed that video was to a high standard, which was good as we are trying to make the music video as believable as possible to sale the artist.
6.     Age group that we were targeting were 16-20 year olds and from the questionnaire feedback 95% of the feedback agreed with this, which was great as that was a primary target for the music video.
7.     They all believed that locations we used were appropriate and effective many complementing the different scenery as they were more “exciting” then what they had seen in other music videos shown, they also liked the concept of taking the photos on the different scenes and relating it back to the end with the old couple putting photos in their photo album.
8.     100% like the music video which is great and the overall averages favourite part were the ending and the beach scenes, I think this appealed to many as it showed the progression over time of the couples relationship from the beginnings to the end.
9.     From the feedback all would now buy the album from the artist, which we was trying to achieve.
10.  The majority would ask to have the camera steadier however we wanted it too look more amateur. As if it was the couple videoing it themselves, so I think we would have done the same thing if it was done again. They also wanted more close ups which I think if we had the chance again would have done as in many conventional music videos they do have a lot of close up time on the artists.
Here are a few copies of the questionnaires that we handed out to members of the public who watched our music video: