Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

The Britney Experience

As a whole I think I have learnt to appreciate how long it takes to film one single 5 second shot from filming to editing it is a lengthly process, that involves a lot of time and practice to get right too match the real version of the film. I've learnt that to succeed in our music video everyone has to pull together to make the project work, no one can slack as it lets the whole team down and that we must be able to get hold each other easily. Another thing that i want to take from this experience and have learnt is too make sure my group upload the camera after every shot we do as it was very time consuming trying to find certain shots that we needed to use also it would be much easier to put together at the end if we shot in sequence. Another is getting the right location for the song being in the school it was rather simple but some of the camera angels and shots were really hard for example the crowd of kids running towards the camera when the bell rings was really hard to film. 
I think the thing I enjoyed the most was the filming of the scenes using the camera. I really enjoyed working behind the camera and directing my group in what to do in each scene and trying to experiment to get the angles right just like they were in the real video was also a learning experience for me. I enjoyed working with the others in my team and It was really funny too see sarah dressed up as Britney. I think by doing this project it has made my group realise how much of a team task it is, so I think this well help us to plan I time better together so that our music video runs smoothly and organise props and costumes better so we don't waste time on them. 
As a whole I think my strength was directing the scenes and filming them. Although editing was fun, I think i am better suited to be working on the filming expect of the Music video, as I thought I did a good job of filming some scenes in the music video and enjoyed experimenting with the camera.