Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Production Diary

23/09/2011 Session 6
In today’s lesson we presented our ideas to the class for our final music video choice Jack Johnsons – Pictures of people taking pictures of people, this was a new idea compared to all three of our main choices but we all agreed on it as we came up with a story to link directly to the lyrics and we all felt it was the best choice for us. Miss Brookes then showed us the opening clip for the movie Up which we would like to do something along the same lines of here is a link to the clip:

We wanted to use a first person’s point of view of a progression of a couple’s life through picture frames zooming in on clips from their lives, to at the end the person first point of view who is taking all the photos is actually the grandson presenting a book to them both with all their memories of their life.