Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

How Do I Consume Music

How do you consume music?
I consume music in lots of different ways, from searching for new artist on youtube or hype.me. Music is very much a big part of my life I consume my music through my Dad's massive CD collection and downloading songs from the internet, which i listen to on my computer or through my iPod. I consume music through TV adverts, newspaper reviews and Films. Or from just listening to a song at the gym music is everywhere in life, I like to consume as much variety of music as i can and i don't think there a genre I don't try to consume.

When? do you have a daily music routine? Is some music more suitable at a certain time of day than another?
I like to listen to the radio in the morning to get me going maybe a bit of the jam (town call malice) while making my breakfast then switch on the radio which is usually magic as my mum has to listen to in the morning. I then use my headphones walking to school and in my frees either listening through my iPod or computer. When I'm out in my mates cars I'm listening to music or going to a gig to listen to more music.When i get home more music to get me through the night doing either work or getting ready to go out or falling asleep at night. Music to me is suitable at all times of the day especially when working out. I also really enjoy listening to music through my vinyl player as my dad has a large collection I usually like to put a records on as it has a better sound quality in my eyes even though MP3 have high quality it's the way vinyl plays just sounds better too me.

Where? clubs, bedroom, gigs, car?
I listen to music everywhere to be honest theres no where I don't go without my iPod and headphones.

Who with? do you share your music or is it an individual experience?
I like to make mix tapes for my mates of some of my favourite tracks and like to show my dad new artist and he show me older artist that he thinks i may like but then I also like to listen to music individual get me away from whats going on around me.

Why? What are the pleasures associated with music consumption? What does it offer the audience and what needs does it gratify?