Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Understanding Audience

1. How would you describe the target audience for this kind of music? Is there a core and secondary audience?
Our targeted age is actually a wide range as everyone can understand our narrative concept. Our music genre is universal so would appeal to different ages and genders, as most can relate to the genre of music we are portraying. So our core audience for us are people who enjoy the genre of easy listening music which is most, it may not be there favourite genre as they may like RnB Or House Music for example but also it is the basic genre of music that people that different people can relate to and familiarise themselves with. However we also believe the music video would appeal to females more as they would possibly feel more emotionally attached to the narrative as opposed to a male audience.

2. How would you describe the tastes and attitudes of the target audience? What other media do are they likely to consume? Outline their media consumption profile

Our target audiences would primarily people that enjoy nature and the outdoors or the feeling of being there by the beach or the ocean, acoustic music tends to have emotional attachments to it as many can relate to it as people can associate it with past memories or experiences they have had. The attitude of the audience that would listen to our music would be someone of a peaceful mind and kind hearted, optimistic person. Other media they are likely to consume would be radio or using their Mp3’s these are people that don’t want to waste their lives away sitting at home watching day time TV, they are always on the move.
Our audience’s media consumption profile:
·         Music, maybe fitness magazines, festival magazines, outdoors sports magazines (skiing, hiking, surfing)
·         Telegraph/Daily Mail Newspapers

3. What function does this kind of music serve to its audience (uses and gratifications)?
Our audience would find this music relaxing, as it would offer an escape for them, as acoustic music is very peaceful. It also creates different moods, whether they cheer you up or make you sad. Acoustic music also tends to have an emotional attachment as well, as it helps people to remember memories or clear your head.
4. Music fans often use music to help them construct their own cultural and visual identity – how do fans of your artist or band do this?
Fans of our artist would most probably dress like a typical surfer boy/girl. They would dress in casual, relaxed clothing, with no over-the-top outfits. This genre of music would help our fans construct their own cultural and visual identity by allowing them
5. How/ when/ where is this kind of music consumed?
This music would be consumed on the go, or whilst travelling maybe in the back of a VW campervan or even just relaxing in the comfort of your own home. I think it would be on a nice summer’s day in the park on the beach watching the sea with the wind in blowing on your face and the sun shining down.