Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

LAP (learning And Progress) Chart

How well I did on this Assignment
What I learnt that will be useful when I make my own music video
Video Analysis of two videos
I thought I did quite well on this task as I was comparing to different types of video I learnt about the difference between a performance based and a narrative based video, I also learnt skills in reading the actually lyrics of the songs compared to the video themselves.
I think it will be useful as it helps me to have a better understanding for the different kind of video I may wish to look into
Star Image/Development
I believe I did well on this task as I was able to do a lot of background of the artist as he has been in the limelight for the past 40 years
This was beneficial as it showed me how artist are ever changing to fit the module of the public
Institutions (big budget vs. small)
I felt that we did okay on this assignment it was hard to find a lot of information for the small budget video as it was so small
This showed me that you didn’t have to have a lot of money splashed at a music video to make it look good
In depth CD cover Analysis + 3 CD cover Analysis
I thought I did well on this task as it helped me to get an understanding on what artists do to get people to buy the albums through there covers
When creating a CD cover for my artist I will take on board aspects of what I have learnt from the analysis
What Music Means to Me
I felt this went pretty well as it got me to think about what music I really liked and gave me an idea of what kind of video I’d like to do
This helped me to develop what kind of music video I would like to do
Britney Experience
I think our class as a whole did pretty well on this assignment, as we managed to finish it. However More pressure was put on us as the other class did not finish their videos so we had to create extra scenes
That everyone has to be on time when creating a music video and how long it takes to create just a 2 second shot. We need to work as a team to ensure we create a good final product
My Three song choices
This helped me to develop what kind of music video I would like to do and get across to my group what kind of music video I wanted to do