Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Dark Room Shooting Schedule

Dark room shooting schedule
18 seconds of shooting
Shoot one establishing the scene “Dark Room”
1.       Camera positioned in dark room Ellie enters door switches on red lights and takes of camera around her neck and placing it on the side where there will be film reels and old photographs stacked next to it (Mid shots)
2.       Cut to a close up of the camera left on the table and focuses on camera background is blurred while Ellie walks over to the development trays
3.       Cuts to Ellie moving pictures in trays and picking out photographs from tray with tweezers and placing them along the pegs with the other images displayed along the walls hung up by strings.
4.       Then cuts to a close up of Ellie’s hands moving from development tray to peg with the final two images of the old couple and then to  young photo of the couple in Clacton
5.       The camera then pans into the photo and the next scene begins