Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Production Diary

Session 20 24/11/2011

In today's Lesson Ellie was ill, me and georgie decided to produce an rough idea of our shoots and what exactly would happen on each shoot we do so we do not experience the same problems we did in London last time we was shooting. Mr.Anstee also helped us come up with ideas to signify the changes in ages like the john lewis advert shown below Georgie and I are going to wear items of clothing that are going to be the same throught the different shoots Georgie's will be the scarf and mine will be my casio watch both are quite obvvious featurs which will hopefully stand out to the audience. We also came up with the idea like the Rihanna Video "we found love" we want to project the video onto the wall so when It cuts to me sing it will look like i am reminsicing about the whole story.

here is were we got our inspiration from for our idea of the clothing and going through the ages:

Here is the Rihanna Concept we thought of doing: