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Preparation For Dark Room

How to set up a dark room:

1 - Use blackout material to cover any sources of light. Make sure that no light leaks in through doorways.
2 - Install a light-trapped, electric extractor fan to improve ventilation.
3 - Install a safelight. Make the on/off switch accessible so that you can reach it from the enlarger.
4 - Set up separate areas for enlarging and developing by placing the developing trays on one side of the room and the enlarger on the other side.
5 - Set up a wet bench with developing trays near the water source if running water is available.
6 - Install, if possible, a long, flat sink made of chemical-resistant plastic that can accommodate all of the developing trays with a space at the end to wash the prints.
7 - Set up a Pespex squeegee panel next to the sink to remove excess water from prints. You will need to place wet prints against the surface of the panel, which is mounted against the wall above the sink, and run a squeegee across the front of the print.
8 - Store large bottles of solution on the floor.
9 - Allot space for four trays of the largest size you are likely to use on the wet bench.
10 - Assign a place for every item and store it in that place when not in use.
11 - Keep print paper in a light-proof paper safe or drawer under the enlarger.