Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Production Diary (Dark Room Shoot)

Session 21 - 28/11/2011

Today we shot the first 18 seconds of our music video, creating our own dark room using one of the spare rooms  in school  at first we didn't think it was going to work very well but in the end we all agreed that it worked well when we got all the props up and everything had been positioned in the right place. It took us a good half hour to set up which we will have to considering when doing other shoots in future but all in all i think we did really well today and we have captured lots of useful footage that we will be using in the shoot here are a couple of photos of today on set. Ellie is the actress in the scene with both me and Georgie filming as we will be featured in the rest of the video. we also used interesting camera angles in the scene as you can see from the photos below i was able to create Ariel shots making giving it real room like effect and george was also able to use 180 degrees rotation in one shot to show the different photos pegged up on the pieces of string.

Here is a picture of the props we used on set (as you can see we used: old photo films and photographs, clock, old retro polaroid camera, pegs, string, make shift photo frames, books, keys, a phone and also two tray and a rucksack) we wanted to make it look as authentic as we could so we messed it up a lot to make it look a bit more real which i think we achieved quite well: