Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Production Diary

Session 12 -04/11/2011

Today Mr.Anstee got us into different groups joined with the other class to discuss how well we thought our planning and research was going and what grade we think we would achieve from what we had done and what we need to do to get the level 4 grade. We bounced ideas off eachother and came up with a few ideas that will help us to gain a high level 4 grade for Research and Planning. We were also shown two A grade music videos which was shown to us to get an idea what we need to do when were filimg our on music video for example remembering our tripod and trying to create panaromic shots and steady the camera as much as we can so it does not look unprofessional and the percise editing of each scene in the videos. The music videos also had many special effects in them which we also need to consider for ours we wanted to put together a film like the music video of Lana Del Rey - Video Games combining vintage footage and our own but in the same super 8 effect, we also wanted to learn how defocus the camera.

Lana Del Rey - Video Games Music Video