Aaron Brookes - Polaroids (Music Video)

Production Diary

Session 13 8/11/2011

Today I wasn't in so i decided to do a few things at home to help out my group i first designed a youtube page for our artist Aaron Brookes which we will be using to upload videos of our final piece to, I wanted to keep in the theme of his single Polaroids so I thought that I'd try to go for the same effect in the youtube layout using a collage of old polaroids for the background and for the foreground i used a off brown used in old photo films to give it a vintage looking effect, I also did a little write up about the artist and what music he likes etc and got people to comment on the page to make it feel more real. here are two print screens of the web page and here is the link to the site ( www.youtube.com/aaronbrookesoffical ):